Money and disclosure

The Libertarian Club of New York files periodic financial disclosure reports with the New York State Board of Elections. They can be viewed online at the NYSBOE website.

We are aware that some political organizations disclose all donors. We believe that you have a legitimate expectation of privacy and we will not disclose donations of less than the legally mandated $99.01 per election cycle.

When considering a donation to any political organization, federal, state or local, we advise you to check their online financial disclosure statements first.


Social Media

The LCNY has an account at Facebook, for the benefit of those members who are very attached to that medium (the link is below). However, we do not make use of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any of the other components of what passes for “social media” in the current political climate. All statements from the LCNY will either be posted to this website or e-mailed directly to the members. If the members desire it, a blog could be made part of this website.


Rapid Growth

In 2020, the LCNY experienced growth at an exponential rate. That can pose difficulties for an organization that conducts most of its activities online. Be assured that we are on top of it and we have done sufficient advance planning to be able to provide our members with all of the club services that they should rightly expect.



“In light of all of the scams that take place on the Internet, you are right to want to verify the authenticity of a political message…”



Domain names

and their significance to our mailing program

You may have heard from us via a number of different sending addresses at a number of different domains. The reason for this is simple: We use anti-spam features (SPF, domain keys, DMARC) that limit the number of e-mail sending accounts that can be associated with a single domain name. In the interest of frugality, we use a number of free and low-cost accounts.

You can be assured that mail coming from these domains really is coming from us. In light of all of the scams that take place on the Internet, you are right to want to verify the authenticity of a political message, especially in such a contentious political environment. 

You will also note that all of these domains point to the same website – this one. That provides load balancing, redundancy and protection from denial of service attacks, via our use of Cloudflare.

Our Domains:



We used to use, and, but those domain names never really caught on, so we have let them expire.

Please Support the LCNY

What we can accomplish will be determined by the level of support that we receive.

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