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From the beginning

If you can believe it, we are in our fourth year of operation, having started out in November 2019. It has been quite a run, at that. We have gone from being just an idea to being the preeminent libertarian political club statewide. Membership has grown briskly and we must thank you effusively for your generosity, which has enabled the construction of a solid online infrastructure that will support the organization and enable its continued rapid growth.


The November 2020 election

We hope that the elections have turned out as you had wanted. Nevertheless, you may feel that you are losing influence in a changing political landscape. A small crowd of loud complainers have gained a disproportionate and undemocratic level of control of the political dynamic. Civil discourse and decorum are now history. Rather than just complain, why not look at how they have accomplished what they have and see if there is anything to copy from their model?

The key detail appears to be an efficient organizational structure. There seems to be a high level of communication and coordination, which is mostly non-public and isn’t mentioned in the media. They can produce a large crowd on short notice. They seem to have no end of always-on links, but who is on the other end of the line? Fundraising does not seem to be a problem, for them.


Looking forward

The LCNY can use those tools as well as the radical left. We have set up several, very efficient systems of internal communications. You have probably heard from us a number of times, over the past year, thanks to a high volume / low cost e-mail system. We have set up a private discussion group for use by members only. We conducted an online poll of the members to decide whether to make an endorsement. In every case, the response level of the membership was quite high. Our systems are multiply redundant, so shutting us down will be very difficult.

It is extremely regrettable that the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) has lost automatic ballot access, also known as official party status, due to poor election results in November 2020. That loss is compounded by the fact that they were unable to gain ballot access as an independent body by petitioning, as they did for many years in the past. Thus, they will not have any statewide candidates on the ballot in November 2022. We have recently (May 2022) been informed of the dissolution of “Golden Quills,” a libertarian political club that was based in New York City. One unmistakable consequence of those developments, for better or worse, is that this organization, the Libertarian Club of New York (LCNY) is now the preeminent libertarian political organization statewide. If libertarianism is to advance in New York State, this political club and its members will have to lead the way. We hope that you will join us in that massive undertaking. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The process of turning NYS from being almost socialist to being libertarian begins with you joining the LCNY. 

Please continue to support this organization. Please encourage others to join or, at least, to sign up for the mailing list. Let us make it clear to all that you do not need to topple statues or commit arson in order to gain and wield political influence.

Rapid Progress

“We have gone from being just an idea to being the preeminent libertarian political club statewide.”


“We seek to advance the libertarian cause and implement a libertarian agenda”

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Mailing List

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The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender or submission.


John F. Kennedy