We are the Libertarian Club of New York. We are an independent political club. We are not affiliated with any political party. We seek to advance the libertarian cause and implement a libertarian agenda. We aspire to be a large, powerful, well funded organization that will influence public policy in New York State for generations to come. We are in this for the long haul.

Plan of Action

Your support of the Libertarian Club of New York will translate into support for libertarian causes, libertarian events and libertarian-leaning candidates from any party. We will partner with any organization, if the objective is libertarian enough. We may conduct and help fund joint ventures with them. A large, well organized libertarian club will constitute a very attractive voting bloc that candidates from any number of parties will wish to win over to their side. This is how political influence is legitimately wielded by organized groups of voters.

To form such a bloc, we need you to join the club. Send in your dues and get on the mailing list. Urge others to do so, as well. Forward this message to them. The better funded the club, the broader the membership base and the better the internal communications, the more powerful and effective the club will be.


You undoubtedly know that the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) gained official political party status as a result of the 2018 gubernatorial elections. You may not know that that great milestone, so many years in the making, also presented the existing organization with a quandary. For many years, there had been a non-profit corporation, The Free Libertarian Party, Inc., attached to the LPNY. The FLP, Inc. acted as a membership organization. The ability to join that organization provided an adequate substitute for enrolling in a political party, while the pre-2018 Libertarian committee was able to put candidates on the ballot as an independent nominating body. The combined organization could have continued in existence. It would have been complex, but it was possible. Nevertheless, the management of the non-profit, membership corporation decided in November 2019 to dissolve it and they planned to have the dissolution process completed by now.

That may make it difficult for people who are enrolled in other parties to advance the libertarian cause. Historically, most of the revenue received by the combined LPNY / FLP, Inc. has come from Republicans and Democrats. Many of them may now fear having their names appear in the online disclosure statements of what might be considered a “rival party.” The solution is to form a political club and keep it independent of any official parties. That way, people who do not wish to change their party enrollment can still play a role in the libertarian movement. A libertarian club and a Libertarian Party that are independently pulling in the same direction are sure to produce great results. Let’s take libertarianism in New York State to the next level.


Regrettably, the Libertarian Party has lost its official party status after posting poor results in the November 2020 elections. From its formation to the time that it attained party status, it had been an independent nominating body that put candidates on the ballot by circulating petitions. After losing party status, it returned to that operational model. Unfortunately, in 2022, it failed to obtain the required number of signatures to put a slate on the ballot and will not have ballot access in the November 2022 gubernatorial election. 





“We seek to advance the libertarian cause and implement a libertarian agenda”

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